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Performance analysis and optimization. 

Lock Audit is a subsidiary of Lock Group International dedicated to optimizing your online performance. Headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, Lock Audit is your trusted partner for comprehensive audits, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and performance analysis. With a commitment to delivering impactful solutions, we strive to emerge as a leading provider of innovative digital performance services in the European Union.

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Expertise That Transforms

Leverage the expertise of Lock Audit to create and implement personalized strategies that elevate your brand's online presence, ensuring that your it stands out and excels.

Crafting Digital Performance Audits

Our expertise lies in conducting comprehensive audits of your online performance by identifying areas for improvement and providing strategic recommendations.

Optimizing Your Online Impact

Your online presence is crucial, and we optimize it for maximum impact and visibility. By auditing and optimizing it comprehensively, we ensure your brand makes a strong impression

Affordable packages with outstanding ROI.

Affordable prices

500% ROI


Impactful cost-effective solutions.

Understanding the importance of cost-effective yet impactful solutions, Lock Audit offers tailored packages, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our expertise, with a potential return on investment of up to 500%.

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At Lock Audit, we are committed to providing a spectrum of specialized audit and optimization services tailored to enhance and maximize your digital performance. Our dedicated team, equipped with expertise in conversion rate optimization, conducts in-depth audits, scrutinizing various aspects of your online presence to identify opportunities for improvement and strategic optimization.

Enhance and maximize your digital presence.

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Basic Conversion Rate Audit
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Basic Optimization Guidelines
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Advanced Performance Analysis
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Advanced Optimization Guidelines
Bi-monthly Analytics Report
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Professional Conversion Rate Audit
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Professional UI UX Audit
Professional Optimization Guidelines
Weekly Analytics Report
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